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"Many of the lovely Cockers
I've enjoyed over the years no longer live with me,
but I'm proud of them all and enjoy showing off their
gorgeous pictures and enjoying their beauty.
I now have a second breed, and yes, it is Shih Tzu!.
My mentor's have been Donna Gerl (Wenshu),
Charlee Byford (Pien Ji)
& Vicki Cooper (Praetorian)…
and I want to express my gratitude for their hours of mentoring and support
as I venture into this wonderful new breed
after being in cockers for nearly 20 years."
From many years ago.. Maestro handled by Tanda, what a dog he was!
"I am a member of the American Spaniel Club,
the Washington State Cocker Club
and a working member of the
Whidbey Island All Breed Kennel Club."
My first litter of Shih Tzu;
Amber, Opal, and Rosie.
An everyday sight at Newsong.
A typical litter of beautiful black cocker puppies
from Newsong.
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