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Tanda and Karen Murray Mauck

Tanda singing in the choir 2014

Choir in 2015

Cedar Park Kids' Choir 2016

Avonelle and Tanda

Dogs getting loves on Tanda's deck

Friends Charlee Byford and Carmen McCowen

Tanda with friends in Bandon, Oregon

Coos Bay shows July 2017

Too darn cute

Lulu, Elsa, Lucy, Sophie

Tanda showing Striker

Sweet Delilah

Dareme Group 3

Dareme's kids

Kaibab's She Rides A Comet 260 cho 1

Kaibab's She Rides A Comet 260, Cho

Gidget in sweepstakes with Cindy Mixon 2014

Gidget January 2017


Chrissy and Dak puppies at 6 months

Newsong's Trick Or Teak-A-Boo, Teaka owned by Debbie Dorsey

Tanda judging Sweepstakes and Parade of Title Holders

ASC trophies and Jerry Moon's flowers 2013

Tanda at ASC, Parti's 2013

Trophies by Tanda as ASC 2013

Tanda holding the beautiful High In Trial trophy for the winner 2013

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